Sunday, December 8, 2019

OPPO 5 Mint Trial & Error Solution || Remove 5 Minutes From Oppo ThemeStore || AndriodBar

OPPO 5 Mint Trial & Error Solution || Remove 5 Minutes From Oppo ThemeStore || AndriodBar

What's the price today I am going to show you how you can apply 5 minute oil on your Oppo and realme devices it pretty easy and pretty fast.

First of all you can I watch my complete video after you can easily understand how the five minute trial can be removed or error can be clarified. First of all you can go to the setting and clear the theme Store data after this you can install the theme Store which link is available at the end of this post so here you can easily install new theme store in your phone after this you can apply any theme it can be permanently applied in your phone.
So here is a preview of your default theme Store the first you can install the theme store from the end of this description.
Some theme 5 minut trial and after this its can be removed from our i can help you to resolve this.
If you want to download this apk here is the downloading button of this application.
I hope this Artical help you a lot. This article a lot then tell me in comment section.
Other Details 

This ThemeStore for all oppo is a resemblance to the UI of the phone made by oppo, you will get the stock/original wallpapers of the oppo f11 pro phone. this theme is supported by almost 99% of the android smartphones available in the market today. the wallpapers are FHD+ resolution, which will look good on almost any smartphone, and these wallpapers will make even a dull display sharper and make it look good, the theme can be applied on any launcher, while the wallpapers can be applied to the stock launcher of every android phone, this theme was created with a lot of efforts by the developers and it has been thought of almost every aspect to be made perfect. and support was added to the oppo f11 pro theme for almost every launcher that is available on the play store, i will mention only the most famous ones here below.